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Dec 02 2022
Dec 03 2022

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Our Commitment

Partnering with customers to deliver an elevated standard for events across the attendee journey: CleanStay Standards, Flexible, Safe, and Socially Responsible.

Hilton has developed EventReady, a global meeting and events program designed to create event experiences that are clean, flexible, safe, and socially responsible. Hilton EventReady with CleanStay will provide curated solutions with creative food and beverage, thoughtful technology resources, elevated standards and practices with redesigned spaces for physical distancing, and reimagined ways to meet and gather. The goal is to create a safe and comfortable environment for event planners and their attendees.

Key Features



  • Hilton CleanStay Standards provide elevated cleanliness and sanitation across the entire attendee journey. A cleaning protocol checklist is completed to verify an event space is sanitized and disinfected thirty minutes prior to meeting start. Top 10 high touch areas including tables, chairs, door handles, podium, AV equipment, etc. will have additional sanitization and disinfection protocols.
  • Sanitizing stations will have prominence in primary entryways as well as key high traffic areas including inside and outside event space(s), meal and beverage service areas, public restrooms and congregating areas.
  • Vendor compliance to all standards and floor plans must be submitted to hotel for approval in advance of meeting.
  • EventReady Inspection Checklists provided to planners.


  • Sales and Customer Partnerships grounded in transparency and in the importance of shared objectives. Providing flexible pricing, space options and contract terms.
  • Responsive to meet the evolving needs of customers. Small Meetings offer with simplified EXPRESS* agreements.
  • Hilton EventReady Playbook delivering expert guidance and curated resources for topics such as: Hybrid Meetings/Technology, Wellness, Creative Networking, Transportation/Logistics and Community Service.


  • Respecting physical distancing with creative and customized meeting sets and meal service.
  • Inspiring food and beverage menus: thoughtfully served, timely and flexible. Meals, services and operational procedures adhering to physical distancing regional regulations, amplified hygiene & sanitation requirements, additional space to accommodate attendee flow.
  • Contactless experiences with digital check-in and check-out, digital key for guestrooms and contactless communication.
  • Environmental impact solutions measured by LightStay.
  • Community service experiences to support and uplift the local community.


Hilton CleanStay with Lysol protection. The global Hilton CleanStay program is setting the new standard of hotel cleanliness and disinfection in Hilton properties around the world. Hilton has partnered with RB, maker of Lysol & Dettol to develop Hilton CleanStay so guests can enjoy a worry-free stay.



Meeting planners and attendees are expecting a higher standard of cleanliness than ever before. Our sales, catering and event teams are committed to working with customers to achieve their business objectives through delivering event experiences that provide peace of mind from start to finish.



Hilton EventReady with CleanStay will deliver clean, flexible, safe and socially responsible events supported by our proprietary EventReady Playbook which provides expert guidance and curated resources for topics including hybrid meetings, creative meeting sets and sustainable practices for the entire attendee journey –all backed by Hilton Hospitality from dedicated Team Members.


In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, The Skirvin Hilton Hotel has established the above enhanced health and safety measures for all of our guests and associates. However, an inherent risk of exposure to COVID-19 exists in any public place where people are present. By visiting The Skirvin Hilton Hotel, you voluntarily assume all risks related to such exposure. You must follow all posted instructions and directions from our associates while visiting the hotel to help minimize the risk of spread of COVID-19.


The Hilton CleanStay with Lysol Protection Program and Hilton EventReady with CleanStay are subject to change at any time in our discretion in order to reflect new guidance from health experts, industry best practices, and other developments impacting these protocols. Please contact The Skirvin Hilton Hotel in order to confirm the most up-to-date information regarding Hilton CleanStay with Lysol Protection Program and Hilton EventReady with CleanStay.

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