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Jan 28 2022
Jan 29 2022

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Skirvin Hilton

Artist In Residence

The Skirvin Hilton Hotel is an establishment ingrained in the history of Oklahoma City. Since 1911 the hotel has been at the center of several vibrant arts and culture movements that have transformed the city to the unique cultural destination that it is today.
Now, more than a century later, Skirvin Hilton has commenced a unique Artist In Residence program that hosts world-class artists in a one-of-a-kind studio space. This program reinforces the importance of arts in our community and gives all Skirvin Hilton visitors a chance to interact with Oklahoma artists and witness the evolution of the artwork first-hand.

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Jennifer Woods

2019-20 Artist in Residence

Jennifer Woods is an accomplished craft jeweler. Inspired by jewelry at a young age, Woods’ unique art is crafted for the person who refuses to limit oneself to any one style or emotion. Enthused by natural surroundings, cultivated by her travels, and refined over years of craftsmanship, her pieces range stylistically from bold to sophisticated and whimsical to statement – speaking to every person and every mood.

Beginning October 1st as the 2019-2020 Skirvin Hilton Artist in Residence, Woods will integrate her formal education in biology with her passion for creating jewelry in an exhibition that features 10 handmade jewelry collections. Meant to celebrate the vast richness of Oklahoma’s landscape, each collection will represent one of the 10 geophysical land regions found in her home state.

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