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Artist-in-Residence Program

Mike Wimmer - Artist in Residence

Skirvin Hilton Artist in Residence

The Skirvin Hilton Hotel is pleased to announce Mike Wimmer as its fifth artist of the Artist-in-residence program. Wimmer, an accomplished illustrator and painter from Oklahoma, will work from the historic hotel’s studio space for one year to showcase his artistic talents..

As the Skirvin Hilton's Artist in Residence, Wimmer's studio space is open to hotel guests and visitors. Artist-in-Residence programs encourage the public to interact with the artist and witness the evolution of each piece first-hand, while supporting the artist's work and talent.

Artist Statement

I grew up drawing as a boy. For me it was a cathartic process. My father had died when I was very young which left me feeling lonely and lost in many ways. But the insular escape of bringing my dreams to life through drawing reinforced within me a love for the tranquility of creativity and enjoying the many benefits of living within my imagination.

My earliest memories of art were related to literature. My mother was a teacher and taught me to read at a very early age. The marriage of image and words seems so natural, so linked. As a professional artist and illustrator I penned a quote that perfectly describes this sentiment; “Words are the wings of our imagination, but pictures are the final destination”. So, for me, the message of a painting, and now sculpture, and what it conveys to the viewer is preeminent. If it doesn’t communicate the idea of the painter or creator it is a failure, no matter how beautifully painted or how great the technique used in its creation is.

The pencil is probably my favorite art tool, even as a painter, because it is the tool closest to the creative ember of the original thought or idea. It is the tool most commonly used to work through the idea. And it is that very act of creating that brings me the greatest satisfaction. Taking an idea, that just moments before, didn’t exist and by the very act of will combined with effort, allows one to bring into reality and physical existence that conceptual idea, and this is probably the most gratifying aspect of being an artist. This is the high I continually strive for and find my greatest pleasure in. Sharing that creative spark from the original creation of the universe ties me to everything and everyone.

Since the communication of an idea to others is my greatest goal and pleasure, I chose to speak in a language that is common to all. I chose realism, or representationalism, as my artist approach, not because it is superior to abstraction, or more sophisticated, or even more difficult, but simply because it is common. It is the delicate sensitivity of understanding and then portraying the subtleties of truth that dictates my struggle for perfection in communicating that idea.

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